Campus Events

I can confidently (and proudly) state that DGs are among the most involved students on campus, participating in community service, athletic, arts, cultural, religious, and just about every other group you can think of. Being a part of the Zeta Phi community means that you are constantly inspired and motivated by your ambitious sisters--and are always supporting them!

One of the most exciting aspects of being a member of Zeta Phi is the ability to get involved in organizations that your sisters are a part of on campus. We are constantly reaching out to one another, sharing activities and upcoming events we are invested in via our "DG Facebook" and other means of communication, because there is no better feeling than walking into a room and seeing so many of your sisters!

We also love supporting our Panhellenic friends and their causes. We take pride in attending Alpha Phi's and Kappa Alpha Theta's philanthropic events together, which benefit women's heart health and CASA, respectively. As an interfraternal community, Cambridge sororities raised over $3,300 for Relay for Life this past spring and the Cambridge-Area Panhellenic Council's dodgeball tournament raised over $1,000 for the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter last fall.  Events like these nurture strong interfraternal bonds between the three Cambridge sororities--making campus life that much more fruitful for Delta Gammas!

Other campus-related events are opportunities for sisters to get together. We love spending Harvard-Yale football weekends together, reuniting with many of our alumnae sisters then. At Yardfest, DGs traditionally spend the day together, enjoying the sweet spring and exciting day side-by-side. Among other things, we buy tickets together for Eleganza, as many of our own are involved in the popular event each year! There are so many great reasons as to why it is great to be a Cambridge Dee Gee! 

Samantha Perri

VP Panhellenic, Delta Gamma Zeta Phi