Zeta Phi

Campus Events

Our sisters are involved on campus in every extracurricular and leadership position imaginable, from varsity athletics to performing arts to cultural groups to community service organizations. Being a Delta Gamma means that wherever you go on campus, you will always find sisters there that will support you unconditionally, whether working alongside you or cheering you on from the sidelines. DGs are always the most enthusiastic audience members and fans at sisters’ performances and sports games. 

“Being in Delta Gamma means that I’ll find my sisters involved in every piece of campus life. When I joined Senior Class Committee this fall I was so excited to walk into the first meeting knowing there would be at least three familiar faces that were just as happy to see me as I was to see them.” –Orlea Miller ‘16

In addition to Delta Gamma Zeta Phi’s own philanthropy events, we love attending other Cambridge sororities’ philanthropy events and look forward to supporting CASA, Reading is Fundamental, and women’s heart health throughout the year. We also love participating in Panhellenic philanthropy events. This fall, Cambridge-Area Panhellenic Council hosted a dodgeball tournament that raised over $1000 for Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. We also look forward to participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life event, for which the four Cambridge sororities raised over $3300 this spring. The combination of service, cooperation with other groups on campus, and spending time with sisters makes Relay for Life something we look forward to each year. The annual Harvard-Yale football game is also one of our favorite annual events, as we get to host and spend time with our amazing alumnae. 

Margaret Wilson
VP Panhellenic
Delta Gamma
Zeta Phi