Family Events


Welcome to Delta Gamma’s Family Events page! I am thrilled to be VP Member Ed and, along with the wonderful Hayley Edgerley (Director of New Members), to run Delta Gamma Zeta Phi's New Member Program. One of the most exciting parts of the new member experience in DG is when new members find out who their big sister is. Much like recruitment, big-little matching is done through a mutual selection process, which means that everyone's preferences are taken into account to make wonderful matches. 

Big-little week takes place about halfway through the new member period, and it's an opportunity for bigs to shower their littles with love. Big-little reveal, which takes place in front of the whole chapter, is one of my favorite events of the year. After participating in a chapter-specific tradition, new members are welcomed into their families by huge hugs and loud cheers. My family has been one of the greatest parts of DG for me, and I love visiting the alum members of my family for home cooked meals off campus.

Families give chapter members an even smaller, more intimate home within the university and the chapter, and they are filled with so much love.

Jessica Levy
VP Member Education
Delta Gamma
Zeta Phi