Zeta Phi

Social Events


Welcome to Delta Gamma’s Social Events page! I am so excited to serve as DG’s Director of Social Events for the upcoming year. Social Events are a huge part of life as a Delta Gamma and we have many formal and informal events throughout the semester. Some of my favorites include our annual fall set-up event called My Tie. For this event sisters set each other up by picking up a boy’s tie and giving it to their sister. Then when the boy walks into formal he goes over to his date and says hey that’s my tie! It’s a great event and actually recently an alum got engaged to her my tie date! Other great events include a more casual or activity date event (like skate and date) each semester and a Spring formal.


We’re also excited to celebrate DG’s 20th anniversary on campus with a black tie gala this semester at the New England Aquarium. All of these events provide a great chance for us to hang out with each other and connect to other social organizations on campus. We get dressed up and get to go have a great time off campus! Look around our social page for some pictures from all of these awesome events!

Caroline Gentile
Director of Social Events
Delta Gamma
Zeta Phi