The House

The Cove: Our Mooring in Harvard Square

Dubbed "the Cove", this cozy space gives us a common location to come together, close to campus and even closer to Berryline, a favorite frozen yogurt stop in the square. With the addition of this space, we have become the first sorority on campus to have our own location.


Homey Amenities

The Cove is the perfect place for a wide range of activies. The living room, with its couches and cable television, is great for watching a favorite show or movie, and is often used for group viewing of popular TV shows. There is a dining room table in the space, useful for homework or for eating the tasty food cooked in our very own kitchen. The kitchen is used for everything from making snacks, to cooking for class projects, to our Milk and Cookies Fundraiser. There is wifi throughout the Cove, making it a useful place for both work and play.


Sister Bonding Space

The Cove opens up an entire new world for our chapter in terms of informal hanging out with each other. We have a place to hang out specifically with our sisters, where we can go at unplanned times and still expect to see another DG there. As soon as we moved into our space, we saw it become the center of the most important aspect of our organization: sisterhood. The Cove allows us to take sisterhood beyond organized events to the informal and spontaneous gatherings that can only happen when we have a space of our own to find each other.